#photoadayjuly - 17 thru 20

  • day 17 / my addiction: aside from my iphone and instagram it would appear that I have another problem... corks
  • day 18 / plate: we've moved around a bunch and I've saved most of our license plates
  • day 19 / animal/insect/pet: can you see my hand in fenway's eye?
  • day 20 / eyes: I used my macro lens for this and will admit to cleaning up the mascara clumps in photoshop for this roundup. blech

interesting factoid about 'day 20 / eyes' - I had laser iridotomy in both eyes back in 2009 and I was hoping to be able to see the hole with this shot but I think it's going to take more than my macro lens for that. did you know that the human body, in its infinite wisdom, works to heal wounds/holes but the iris is different - these holes will never close.

I know I'm behind a few days but if you want to stay current, you can always follow along on instagram. I'll get the rest of this month's roundup up here on the blog when we're back and recovered from our travels. cheers!