#photoadayjuly - 9 thru 16

  • day 9 / big: I realized at dinnertime that I hadn't even looked at the prompt for the day. fortunately, I was wearing my giant j. crew tortoise cuff.
  • day 10 / favorite color: I can't choose and don't make me. truth: I color-coordinate anything that is sortable by color. anything.
  • day 11 / letter: while a lowercase 'e' is my favorite, I have a small collection of the letter 's' for 'seagrass studio' and my last name. convenient, no?
  • day 12 / texture: I have this neat iphone macro lens and love what a heathered yarn looks like up close
  • day 13 / open: the girls' summer reading books are on my kindle so I'm enjoying an old-school hard cover book
  • day 14 / building: bob and I spent saturday evening walking at castle island with the sun setting behind the boston skyline
  • day 15 / finger: not a wildly creative shot but 100% authentic (and I need a manicure)
  • day 16 / sign: at the reebok world headquarters, there are 10 pillars labeled with 10 different parkour exercises that line the walkway to their entrance (there are also signs on the elevators saying "looking for excitement? go see what's happening on the stairs") but I can't imagine showing up to work all sweaty.

there you have it - a quick roundup of instagram fun. know what else is fun? 'meeting' new people thru #photoaday. know what's not so fun? this system of marking the days is a sad reminder of  how quickly the summer is flying by. I'm not sure I can handle the august challenge but never say never...