#photoadayjune - 24 thru 30

we're all done with #photoadayjune - I'm a little behind on my round-up but as always, here's a little behind the scenes:

  • day 24 / on your mind: I could've gone a number of ways with this but I took it literally. I had spent the day translating the libby necklace colors to the new bib necklace. I chose the sepia processing instead of the actual color because I've been thinking thru all of my designs
  • day 25 / cute: did you honestly think I would chose something other than fenway?? here she's looking out the window, feeling dejected because the fedex driver did not have a box of treats. (truth: the ups driver always has treats)
  • day 26 / where you shop: again, I took this literally as I spent the day dealing with car issues. with two older cars in our house I rely heavily on the guys at sullivan tire. they actually know me by name and I feel a little like norm from 'cheers' when I walk in.  even better? they're awesome. seriously. (we're friends on twitter, too)
  • day 27 / bathroom: this is my tub. I can count on one hand the number of times I've taken a bath in my adult life so I knew it would sit un-used. when we built our house I made my decision based solely on which tub I would love to look at each day.
  • day 28 / on a shelf: I painted these bird houses for lulu's bedroom when she was an infant and I can't bring myself to part with them so they sit on the top shelf in my closet
  • day 29 / soft: technically, if you were to run your hand along this sea grass, you're likely to get a paper cut but I love how soft it looks
  • day 30 / a friend: this is jack and my nephew wilson - friends and cousins

I'm going to give #photoadayjuly a try - anyone else up for it?  I'm @elizabethswartz - post your instagram in the comments so I can follow along.