the domino necklace, a story

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I know I'm not the only one who mourns domino magazine. I miss it for so many reasons but when I look at this june/july 2007 cover of designer india hicks' home I'm reminded just how fabulous it was. this issue showed up at my house that spring and knew I had to paint a necklace. seriously. it's been one of my favorite designs and a very successful necklace over the years. I've worn it in the winter with a chocolate brown or a black turtleneck and I've worn it in the summer with a long, white sundress or a t-shirt and jeans.

and... I've got another bib necklace idea that's brewing for summer. I've decided to paint another version but using the brimfield disc beads for a bib necklace. the only thing I'm stuck on right now is how to improve on something that already works so well. I can see each bead but I can't see the layout, or construction. I'm tempted to eliminate the zebra pattern and do something more like the brown and white 'slick' fabric from lewis and sheron.

PS - want one of your very own? I listed an original domino necklace in the shop!

PPS - I *think* I'm getting better at this polyvore thing. my method is to pin on pinterest and then clip to polyvore so that I have sources. when it's something I've come across on pinterest, I make sure to click thru to find the original source.

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