the long and short of it

this is lulu's mane. she was bald until she was 2 so go figure

each of my children has fabulous, red hair and none of my children liked it, or the unsolicited attention it brought when they were little. jack even wanted to dye his black at one point. I can't speak for jack but I think my two girls have come to like their hair but still wish for something straighter or curlier depending on their mood. I can't picture them without long hair but I imagine one or the other will chop it all off or maybe even change the color. one of the best compliments lulu ever received was the 50-something receptionist at the dermatologist. "do you know how different my life would have turned out if I had had hair like yours?!"

for the most part, I've had short hair since I was 16 and even though I periodically grow it out - for my wedding, when we moved and I couldn't find a hairdresser or just for a change - I consider myself a short hair person. as soon as I cut it off that first time, I remember feeling really different. stronger. confident. that I was no longer confused with my sister (whom I would gladly be mistaken for now but that's a story for another day) was a surprising bonus. I'd go for a trim/cut and I'd say things like, "do whatever you want" or "it's too long" and the only request I ever learned to ask for was for it to be thinned out. I know my mother prefers my hair long and bob really likes it short but in the end it's my call. my hair is long (for me) right now and I like it but I'm not opposed to cutting it all off again when I feel like it.

it's interesting how much we define ourselves by our hair. my friend whitney started chemo a few weeks ago and we've had conversations about  "shave it before it falls out " vs. "see how long you can go before it's noticeable" and she's decided to take charge. she'll be shaving her head this afternoon and I think that's kickass. the decision wasn't an easy one but ultimately, I imagine, she wanted to feel in control. she'll get her new wig cut and styled by her own hairdresser right afterwards which is pretty smart.

whether your hair is short or long, or you're bald or wigged, being true to yourself is what matters and confidence looks great on everyone. xoxo whitney!

PS - if anyone knows someone battling cancer (or even just in case) I highly recommend this article my friend whitney found on 'cancer advice'

PPS - there's a HUGE backstory to this girl/blogger but I love this post about hair "What’s on the outside doesn’t change what’s on the inside. People have to decide to want change on the inside first."