Alt Summit 2012_NYC

here's me, soaking in all the goodness that was Alt Summit. there've been multiple recaps floating around* but by far my favorite was done by  sarah tolzmann who so succinctly illustrated my favorite speaker of the day: tina roth eisenberg (swiss miss) the founder of creative mornings, tattly, and my personal organizer teux deux. tina's opening keynote emphasized the importance of having 'side projects' and she shared the 8 rules she's given her young children. each applicable to a 4 year old and a 44 year old.

  • find what you love and don't stop - spare time is unnecessary
  • don't complain - make things better
  • trust your intuition - feel that you're right even if you don't know
  • if an opportunity scares you, take it
  • find like minded people
  • collaborate
  • ignore haters
  • inspire others

my scribbled notes

my notes scribbled on my ipad in the paper app

Alt Summit 2012_NYC

the opening keynote was great and I would've been completely satisfied if Alt was a morning that started and ended with tina's talk but another panel I loved was three of martha stewart living editors - pilar guzman, lucinda scala quinn and kevin sharkey - walking us thru the current issue. having worked at a magazine (albeit decades ago) I understand how certain things operate but hearing how MSL approaches each issue was inspiring. the decision to include/publish/create something is based on the tenant that it must 'teach and inspire' and MSL is 'everyday yet at the same time very elevated'. as pilar guzman explains: 'it's not about being empirically good but about having a point of view' which goes for each of us. be authentic and original.

I was much more of a voyeur than I should've been but I was more outgoing than my usual self. I'm not kidding when I say my day was vastly improved when I connected with julee and tara who introduced me to their virtual friends and made me feel included. I loved seeing erika of foxtrot press - she was the cute intern from the boston blogshop class last year. it was also great seeing kate of domestikatedlife from the boston bloggers group and meeting her designer/photographer friend taz. another highlight for me was meeting michelle kohanzo and katie harrington  from the land of nod and getting a sneak peek of the holiday catalog!

in retrospect, I should've gotten my act together before I went - I wish I had updated the landing page for my site, cleaned up my sidebar and edited my 'about me' page. I think it would be HUGELY helpful if Alt Summit published a list of attendees in advance. a completely unruly idea for Alt SLC's 650 attendees but for Alt NYC's 200 - why not? I will be using this post-Alt inspiration and apply it to my new back-to-school initiative. watch out september - we'll be getting our craftyass in gear.

Alt Summit 2012 NYC

this is tara wilson taking my photo with sarah tolzmann, as seen by Justin Hackworth (I know - JUSTIN HACKWORTH!) at the rooftop after party. all photos above (with the exception of my crazy scribblings) are from the Alt Summit photographers in their flickr group. just click the photo and it'll take you to the galleries

*be sure to check out these other Alt NYC recaps - I was lucky to be able to meet each author and look forward to reading more.

and a few that I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to meet during Alt NYC

if you've got one, let me know so I can add it to my list and here's a snazzy ipad app you can use to create your own slideshow to share with friends: haiku