couple things -

first, I'm on a train headed to NYC for Alt Summit (technically I left from RTE but let's not split hairs.) I'm armed with inaccurate business cards (still working on the snazzymustache business) that I intend to hand out willynilly to anyone who's interested. or not. I've got about 18 hours to work out some sort of elevator pitch (meant to work on that this summer...) and I feel a little over my head. I went from a 2 hour #bostonblogger meet-and-greet in June to this full blown, all day, national conference. no biggie. <gulp>

second, I'd like you take a moment and click the photo above. go ahead. see??!! it opens into it's own special window and all because beckie over at cubicle57 held my hand and showed me the way. I've been trying to make that happen for the last 8 months or so. I've got a few kinks to work out but I'm enormously proud of myself.

if you're reading this and you're on your way to Alt Summit, too - make sure you introduce yourself and I'll give you one of my cute cards. which is useless unless you've got something stuck in your teeth. then it's perfect for that.