costa rica, me and the sea


as I mentioned yesterday, jose at wahoo tours took excellent care of us and helped plan unforgettable days. we knew we wanted to take the kids snorkeling and our options were a large group catamaran tour or our own private schooner.  both have an open bar, serve a light snack and head to the same bay to snorkel. jose tactfully explained, since we have teenage daughters and all, that the behavior on some of the large cruises isn't always family friendly so for $20 more per person, we opted for the private sail aboard the 60 foot schooner lemuria.

it was super windy that day but our captain, andre, assured us it was a perfect day for a sail. his 17 year old son lucas and another deckhand named paul got us set up with drinks and snacks and we were off.

lucas and andres hoist the jib sail (I think) sailing adventures

we sailed for 90 minutes or so and andre gave us some background on himself and his boat - he's german and sailed the schooner from france 13 years ago. it took him 60 days. he gave us details on what it's like to live in the surfing village of tamarindo and some insight to the different seasons in costa rica. he said our windy sailing day would have been typical in february, during the dry season and was unusual for july, the rainy season. (PS - it was really windy every day we were in costa rica with lots of temporary storm clouds in the afternoons but little to no rain) I highly recommend investing in a pair of polarizing sunglasses if you're planning adventures at sea. bob saw turtles under the surface as we sailed and the kids and I saw zip. I'm not complaining though - I would gladly spend hours sailing.

yes, I'm actually in the ocean

abby and I opted for life preservers to help keep afloat and lulu wished she had as well since the water was pretty rough. I will say that the pacific coast of costa rica was really warm but isn't crystal clear turquoise blue like the caribbean so you actually had to dive a little to see some of the fish. lucas and paul joined us in the water which was great because they dove down and pointed out all the beautiful creatures. lucas actually pulled a puffer fish to the surface - it looked exactly like bloat in finding nemo but the size of a volleyball. jack and bob mastered the diving part while the girls and I enjoyed the show below from up above.

after snorkeling for an hour or so, we came aboard and andre had prepared a great rice and bean with salsa snack for us with fresh fruit. paul, who is originally from peru, prepared his signature cocktail (which we never got the name of) while andre climbed to the top of the main mast to fix some of the rigging. I was tempted to give him my iphone while he was up there but didn't think it was worth the risk.

as we started our sail back to tamarindo the clouds started to roll in and made for really great lighting. andre said some of the best sunsets he's seen are with clouds - the sun reflects it's colors off the clouds making them more spectacular. I think I agree. we sipped our champagne just as the light show started...

my new favorite photo

this was a great day. this was so much better than a booze cruise with 25 strangers. this was something we'll always remember. this was another day where we showered, ordered up room service and crashed.