friday's fancies


apparently, I can't get enough of gingham. it's right up there with seersucker and herringbone as favorite patterns. I have no less than 6 different gingham shirts in my closet in varying sizes of checks & colors and I've been known to purchase a men's XS or S to get the shirt that I want. bob likes to call me ellie may clampett but I don't care. for this week's friday's fancies with {av} over on long distance loving, I've got two of my go-to outfits using items I have in my closet* (except the shoes - they're on my wish list) and I've topped it off with my libby bib necklace**

  • one: a classic and a staple in my closet - the j. crew gingham shirt in pink
  • two: every girl should have a black pencil skirt. this is from j. crew also but I've seen a ton of great options out there
  • three: distressed jeans are part of my uniform. I wear them every weekend, all year long. dressed up or down. at some point I will be 'too old' for this look but I don't care
  • four: fabulous peacock blue, t-strap heels
  • five: I love the color of these flats, too and there's no reason why you couldn't wear them with the skirt and the heels with the jeans
  • six: all three of these belts are on sale right now at j. crew with an extra 30% off!

like I said, I've had each of these things in my closet for YEARS. they're pieces that will help you transition from season to season with very little effort. they never go out of style and for very little money I can reinvent the look with new accessories or spring for investment pieces like a cashmere sweater or a classic blazer.

what's your 'uniform'?

* I'm not sure why I'm not ready for a 'what I wore' with me actually wearing it. someday... ** this is actually 'SOLD' now but I hope to list one in the shop soon - email me if you'd like advance notice!