#photoadayaug – 1 thru 8 (and a bonus 9 thru 12)


I got a little behind in my roundups for #photoadayaug after last week's costa rica vacation posts so I'm bringing myself up to date. august has worked itself into a mess of a month and I feel like I'm missing a few days on my calendar. although in august's defense, disappearing for 10 days at the end of july probably had a lot to do with this tight schedule. add to that bob's travel schedule picking up again, lulu had a 4 day hockey tournament (in state but far enough away that it may as well have been out of state) and my baby is leaving for college in a matter of days.

photoadayaug 1 thru 4

  • day 1 / outside: we had a long day of travel back from costa rica and there's just something about being in the clouds
  • day 2 / one: how lucky am I to have this for a rug in the entrance to the office building where I work? after 5 hours sleep I felt really lucky
  • day 3 / coin: this was a wedding gift from my boss, the fashion director at GQ. I can't bring myself to spend it
  • day 4 / where you sat: not exciting but I've been giving jack the front seat if I'm not driving. I'm not sure why though
  • day 5 / logo: a special cork I've saved - can you guess the brand?
  • day 6 / writing: my parents recently gave me a stack of things they've saved and it was fun to see my handwriting when I was almost 10. do they even teach cursive in school anymore?
  • day 7 / 8 o'clock: I play parking meter roulette when I park here - I either park longer than the 2 hour limit or buy another 2 hour ticket without moving spaces.
  • day 8 / glasses: this photo is cropped to show just the sunglasses. I've got the original photo coming up soon with another 'necklace story'

hey - I just realized I could being it all up to date so here's #photoadayaug - 9 thru 12:

  • day 9 / messy: we'd spent the day at lulu's hockey tournament (the second of 4 days) and on our way home lulu was clever and beat me to the 'messy traffic' shot idea so this was my back up. this would also have worked if the prompt had been 'smelly'
  • day 10 / ring: I took this a couple days late when I went to visit @hayzawa and her extended family. I hadn't actually seen sue or her sisters since 1980 so it was such fun to catch up
  • day 11 / purple: sometimes we like to treat ourselves to a movie in the 'lux level' where they serve drinks and food. bob and I saw 'the campaign' and it was hysterical - two thumbs up!
  • day 12 / spoon: my great grandmother was married in 1904 and this is a set of spoons from her wedding silver that her groom gave her. I'd love to know why the spoons are faceted like this - anyone??

it's the start of another crazy week - are you ready?