#photoadayjuly - le fin

here's the second half-ish of the #photoadayjuly challenge. it was fun to incorporate our travel shots into this but I will admit that I failed on two prompts and I thought about taking them after the fact but, I didn't. oh well.

  • day 21 / 9 o'clock: I tried desperately to get this screen shot at exactly nine but seconds tick off a lot faster than I thought. it's a beautifully designed app called "TypeClock"
  • day 22 / upside down: technically, I took this a couple days late but abby had a great idea to do a handstand for me if I promised to do one, too. I said I would do it before the end of our vacation - stay tuned...
  • day 23 / mirror: oddly, there were an absurd amount of mirrors all around our resort but we were up so early for our flight and I didn't have it in me to be creative that day.
  • day 24 / stranger: I posted this with the caption "making new friends" but this sea urchin was one of the weirder/cooler things we saw

  • day 25 / heart: I'm not sure why I found this so challenging but I got nothing
  • day 26 / sunshine: yours truly reflected in the pool
  • day 27 / on the road: this was taken on one of our bivouacs along the shore - the tide pulled the footprints into spin-art-like designs with the black sand bleeding through
  • day 28 / cup: champagne at sunset on our sailing cruise was a vacation highlight

  • day 30 / calm: amazing sunsets and storm clouds all week and on july 30 we had both within minutes to create the calm after the storm
  • day 31 / toothbrush: I used my macro lens for this one and I'm relieved there was no CSI TMI

there you have it. I may repeat some of these in future costa rica recap posts to help tell our story. is anyone else doing #photoadayaug? as I mentioned, lulu and abby (and friends) are in it but may I suggest a few others to check out? @hayzawa, @clairehann, @nanfrazier, and @grandma_leslie