post-ALT post

Alt Summit NYC August 23, 2012

I'm on a train again on my way home from Alt NYC and I wanted to let you know I found my tribe. I was fortunate to spend the day with julee of warm hot chocolate and her fellow-texan friend tara wilson. two kind, bright and funny women who made this event even better. it was a day spent in a fantastic space, with inspiring speakers and helped to create a great sense of community for me. it was exciting to meet my virtual mentors (even if some don't know it) and some fun friends from the interwebs. a big take away for me? there's room for all of us, even if I don't really know who or what my own little space is going to be just yet. it's about starting the conversation or joining the conversation; being authentic and adding value.

it was a perfect way to end a summer of trying new things and having fun. actually, I've got a 'back to school' kind of feeling now and I'm anxious to start working on new projects and learning more about being an ARTrepreneur. next week I'll share some tidbits gleaned from some pretty interesting people and photos from an amazing event.

until then, enjoy your weekend.