I was hoping to put together a great look for {av}'s #fridaysfancies this week but I just don't have it in me. this is all I could muster. it honestly doesn't matter what you're wearing so long as you stop what you're doing and watch. it's a beautiful show and even if you know how it ends, you can't help but watch and wait to see what happens.

we had front row seats for this - one of the more spectacular sunsets during our vacation last month. everyone stopped and watched as the big orange orb slipped into the ocean. it happened so much faster than I thought it would. delivering jack to college this weekend is kinda like watching the sun go down. I've honestly enjoyed watching him slip into his grown-up self and I'm stunned that these last 18+ years have gone so quickly. I think I'm mostly upset that I don't have a front row seat anymore.

do me a favor? have a great weekend