the icing on my cake

whitney rocking the libby necklace a few weeks ago, I mentioned that my dear friend whitney was starting chemo - you know, 'the long and short of it'. the same day I accompanied her on her visit to the wig whisperer, I received an email letting me know that the libby cluster necklace had sold (yippee!) and I happily sent it off to the lucky buyer. yesterday whitney posted the above photo on facebook wearing the libby necklace!

I think the story goes something like this: I wrote about the necklace, whitney pinned it on pinterest.  a former student of whitney and her husband's got together with other former students and bought the necklace for her. they wanted to let her know that they're cheering for her and sending her love while she goes thru treatment. the former students had no idea that whitney and I knew each other. they just saw that she had pinned it on pinterest and went from there.

yesterday was also my birthday and this was the icing on my cake. it's been a favorite necklace of mine and it looks gorgeous on whitney. I love that the world is sometimes so small and full of kind and thoughtful people. wear it well whitney and know that I love you.