back to school

just a heads up that I'm kicking off a personal 'back to school' initiative. I love that feeling - spiffy new school supplies all organized by subject, fresh notebook pages, sharpened pencils, maybe some cute new shoes (that'll give you blisters on your heels but you don't care you wear them anyway.) I love back to school more than new years. my girls start their sophomore and eighth grade years this week and I'm ready to get busy, too. this time last year I signed up for the girls' guide to web design course and it changed my life. seriously. this year I'm coming off the Alt NYC high and I want to capitalise on that feeling. seagrass studio has always been about 'hand painted & handmade' but as I look back over the last 12 months it appears I'm about so much more and I'd like this site/blog to reflect that. I'm working to create a sticky landing page that really explains what seagrass studio is and what kind of goodness you'll find inside. my 'about me' page got an overhaul this weekend and the side bar / footer area needs some serious help. I need to do a better job of describing my 'no mom left behind' idea and how I'm raising myself. the shop will be updated (I need product photography help!!) and add to that the list of projects swirling in my head (read: keeping me up at night) means I've got BIG back-to-school plans for seagrass studio.

I hope you'll check back and see how things progress and as martha stewart says "change is good. when you're through changing, you're through."

I'd love to hear what you're working on - anyone else have BIG plans for back to school?