favorite things I've made


check this out - erika over on foxtrot press, and a group of likeminded virtual friends, created a 'nice to meet you' linkup and I'm jumping in this round. how could I resist when the theme is 'favorite things I've made? I thought I'd show you a little bit about the projects I do aside from my necklaces - the personal projects and ideas (sometimes one-time-only) where I get to use new materials or a problem-solving challenge outside my usual skill set. this jean purse is a treasured thing - each of my three children wore the jeans around the time they were in pre-school (the buttons were added after jack) and I couldn't part with them even though they were riddled with holes and tears. so... I turned them inside out, sewed a line just under the back pockets, added a couple belt loops, attached the bamboo handles and accessorized with a miniature ribbon belt I made. (if you're looking for something to do with the lopped off leg parts, check out this project)

about 7 years ago I saw a beautiful knit capelet at anthropology that I fell in love with and set about to make one just like it. it took some serious mechanical engineering to sort this out but basically, I knit 4 rhombus-shaped panels and attached them by knitting in the round for the neck. I picked the craziest yarn I could find which made it really hard to see the stitches (but also hard to see the imperfections) so in the end, this turned out to be one of the 'one time only' projects. I love it and I've been looking forward to the cooler temperatures so I can wear it.

I started my 'no mom left behind' initiative shortly after signing up for an upholstery class in the spring of 2011. I had a pair of fabulous trash-but-not-yet-treasured chairs that I found on the side of the road and I am so happy the way they turned out (so is fenway). I think if I'm going to do any more upholstery, I'll stick with dining chairs or piano benches - this was hard.

one of the very first blogs I started following was design*sponge. I love the idea that they cover such a broad spectrum - fashion, decor, indie artists, small business advice and DIY. after trolling thru their project lists, I came upon this amazing jewelry stand and knew it would be PERFECT for displaying my necklaces at shows and in my studio. I've since made them for friends and I've been toying with the idea of a giveaway...

speaking of shows, I was in a holiday show a couple years ago and wanted to decorate my booth accordingly but if you poke around my gallery or shop, you'll see that my work doesn't really have a red & green or christmas feeling. I decided to make my own garland with scraps of fabric. I ended up hanging my hand painted frames on the tree as well.

each year, for as long as I can remember, I start in november and work on our family holiday cards - anywhere between a four and seven step, mixed pedia project. yes, it's a big production and yes, it's time consuming but it's my way of getting in the holiday spirit. I usually have an idea brewing the year before and start to figure out the mechanics and supplies in june and this year is no exception. stay tuned for card art '12 (here's a 'behind the scenes' of cart art '11)

so there's six of my favorite things - what about you? what are you most proud of? what was your favorite project? hopefully this will inspire you to get busy 'making' this weekend and go check out the other posts linked up over on foxtrot press.

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