jess lively ad space


it doesn't look like much but it's a 550x125 pixel-sized step for me. I've been toying with the idea of sponsorship/ad space on other blogs to drive traffic and business to my shop. I even took an Alt Channel class the other night about how to put together a media kit.

have you read jess lively's now-self-titled blog? I've been a longtime reader for several reasons but the biggest is the advice and encouragement she offers for small business owners (I think that's what I am.) earlier this year jess started an email subscription called 'wish I knew wednesday' wherein she dishes on things she's learned the hard way over the years and shares a look behind the scenes on how things have worked (or not) for her as a business woman. last week's email came with a special offer - a discounted ad space on her email and blog post for this week. I didn't even wait to finish reading the email - I hit 'reply' and said ME!!

as part of my back-to-school initiative, I knew the shop needed updating and the blog some freshening up so this was the perfect impetus. I spent most of the long weekend 'stocking' the shop and getting my ducks in a row just in case this ad space pays off. but if it doesn't? I'm OK with that, too. I can't sit on the sidelines talking about what I want if I'm not willing to try. (I will admit that this is far easier than walking into a brick & mortar shop and pitching myself in person but baby steps, right?) my ad will run in this week's email but live in perpetuity on her site on tuesday, september 4, 2012 in the post announcing the email topic.

go check out jess lively and while you're at it - go check out my shop!