fenway, at rest this is fenway's new routine and she's not happy about it. jack's away and the girls started school this week so the house is empty again. bob usually works from home but has been traveling more so when I head out in the morning she's either keeping watch out the window or tip-toes back upstairs and climbs into someone's bed.

we're only 3 days in to this back to school business. add to that afternoons with field hockey and evenings with ice hockey and you've got some tired and cranky kids (and parents.) it's an adjustment for everyone as we re-train our brains and bodies to do more; work harder and longer. I remember when my kids went from half-day kindergarten to full-day first grade. by the time they got home it was as though they hadn't eaten or slept in 2 days. by the end of september we always had it figured out. it'll happen this year, too.

chin up fenway, it'll get better.