what I wore / w.w.d.d.w. I'm pretty proud of myself. I figured out how to wear something that every fashion blogger worth her salt owns from j. crew without looking like every one else. this isn't rocket science by any stretch - I love the blouse but I've avoided wearing it because I have this thing where I have a hard time wearing clothes that 'everyone' else has. I don't like blatant logos or branding on my clothes or super obvious pieces that've been all over pinterest. it has something to do with wanting to be original and partly not wanting to be free advertising. this blouse screams 'J CREW' but i picked it up anyway. until today I was tempted to gift this top away.

I'm me. my own brand. my own style. what is my style? good luck trying to answer that. some like to call me 'artsy', others classic and every once in awhile I hear 'trendy'. they're not wrong but they're not exactly accurate descriptions either. the closest I've been able to come to a label is doris day. I love the idea of audrey hepburn or grace kelly but they're so well behaved and chic (two things not generally associated with me.) I think doris day has those qualities but she adds her own dose of tomboy/confidence/quirk/glamour. she's dressed up AND dressed down all at the same time. does that make sense?

I don't care if something is in or passé. I wear what I like and I make it my own. I don't care about labels but I do care about fit. I LOVE a great bargain and with time, I've gotten much better at not buying something just because it's 75% off. I'm not afraid to try different looks - current or retro. so with that, I cobbled together this ensemble today  - a little 'high end' and a little 'low end' - very doris day. I think this quote from street style photographer mr. newton says it better than I ever could "... the glue that pulls an outfit together is often just confidence and attitude.

*W.W.D.D.W. - what would doris day wear?

  • top - 'old' j crew (think holiday 2011)
  • denim jacket - I have no idea. I picked it up for $20 about 8 years ago from a little shop in dartmouth, ma. I liked the faded jean quality
  • pin - anthropologie. I love the spidery/sea urchin shape and it looks vintage
  • necklace - seagrass studio (last seen at Alt NYC)
  • pants  - black matchstick capris from the gap and very doris day. they wear and wash really well - I have 3 pair (you know, just in case)
  • shoes - black ballet flats by jessica simpson picked up at tj maxx 3 years ago and I'll cry when they finally fall apart.