#3 celebrates #14 (updated)


it's weird. today is abby's 14th birthday (that's not weird part - she was 13 and now she's 14) and it's the first time we've celebrated a birthday in this family without everyone to blow out the candles. not only is jack away at school but bob is traveling. again. we're planning to head into my parents' tonight so it'll be a little more of a celebration and not just a tiny little trio. abby is the one that's truly a combination of her two parents' personalities - equal parts bob and elizabeth but despite her red hair, she resembles bob's side of the family more than mine. if you were to put a photo of abby at 3 months next to a photo of jack at 3 months you wouldn't be able to tell them apart. (which I would do for you if I knew which box their photos are in. moving sucks and I gave up on unpacking and organizing because we had the worst movers EVER. they roamed from room to room and floor to floor while packing us. I found kitchen pans mixed in with my studio supplies and topped off with basement/playroom things. seriously.)

update: this last tidbit caused some confusion for my brother who thought we had moved again without telling him. I am referring to our move back to MA in 2008. I am never moving again. like ever.

anyhoo - abby's got sass. partly because she's the youngest and partly because she's our daughter. a sharp tongue with a quick reply and a great sense of humor. she's easy going until it's something she feels strongly about - then watch out. she's creative and artistic and curious and has a quiet confidence - so quiet I'm not sure she can hear it just yet. you should know that this is the girl who, at age 4, asked me in all seriousness, "why am I not on TV?" I think if I had to choose careers for my kids based on who they are right now abby is the one that stumps me.

happy birthday #3 - may you never lose your sass, it'll serve you well (just not with me) and don't ever lose your creative curiosity.

PS - I took the black and white photo above and developed and printed it myself in 1999. if you look closely, you can see some of the silver is beginning to change. we had recently moved to western CT and I found the silvermine artists' guild in new canaan. they offered an open darkroom on tuesday nights - 3 hours for $10. I usually had to pay for a sitter, too but it was worth every penny. 3 hours, without kids, developing my photographs and meeting likeminded adults was heaven. I wonder if there's an open darkroom like that in the greater boston area?