flora & fauna


how was your weekend? we picked jack up at the airport friday night for his 'fall break' so we've enjoyed having him back home. he was even kind enough to come to his sisters' hockey games and promised to attend their field hockey games this week, too.

I've been toying with putting this decorative kale in the planters on our porch and back patio - especially since I'm not a mum fan. mums are the carnations of the container world and as soon as I see them in early september my heart starts to sink - they're the harbinger of shorter days. I've got a few on our front porch but I think I need something else. like decorative kale. my only worry with kale is the smell - think cabbage. that and fenway might have a field day nibbling on them. then again, maybe not since broccoli and leafy greens are the few things left untouched when they fall on the kitchen floor.

what I can't wait for now is the wild bittersweet. I find obliging vines on the side of the road and cut as much as I can get away with before I'm caught. and as a friend of my mother's always says - the signs of a great florist are sharp pruning shears and a fast car.