fortune cookie wisdom

I came across this quote somewhere recently (oddly, not pinterest) and it's been playing on repeat in my head. I have had no less than 4 instances this week alone where I've been frustrated or disappointed and applied this adage. it's not an answer per se to a problem or situation but it certainly got me thinking - I am either putting other people's wishes first or I'm allowing myself a pity party. both of which are unacceptable and a waste of my time. my challenge now is to get my three kids, but especially my daughters, to add this to their inner dialogue; their gut. you know - the thing they're supposed to listen to but sometimes can't hear or chose not to. they're still learning to advocate for themselves, and hopefully others, and it's something that doesn't always come easily. I can't tell you how many times I've thought of something genius to say 30 minutes after an awkward or difficult situation so we've often talked about having a 'script' for different social settings - a quick comeback or retort or even a way to diffuse. I think these 7 words are equally important - socially and professionally.

imagine how empowered my children will feel. I only hope it doesn't take them as long as it took me to figure this one out.