friendship bracelets


I've been a craft hoarder my entire adult life. it stems from an over-active imagination, an inability to calculate accurate supply quantities and a general love of making. one of my original jewelry endeavors was hand painted bracelets and when I found a good source for unfinished wooden bangles I bought a boat load. but... the next big idea came along and the bracelets were boxed and shelved. a few weeks ago, my friend julee posted her take on color-blocked bracelets and then our mutual friend claire posted her fresh delivery of unfinished bangles after being inspired by julee's post. it got me thinking about my boxed and shelved stash of bracelets - sometimes it takes another persons creativity to spark your own and I'm grateful to be part of such a diverse and artistic community. it took some time but I found my box

thank you, friends, for the inspiration. is there anything you've shelved and think you'd like to try again?