from garden to table


this is it. the fruits of our labor. well, really bob and abby's tending and watering - I just pick 'em. our container garden of cherry tomatoes has been sporadic at best and nothing like our accidental blackberry success. I picked the tiny half pint this past weekend and there's a few more on the vines but still too green. hopefully a frost won't get them. at this point in the season I thought we'd have so many that I'd be scouring pinterest for different tomato recipes. there's something about a tomato that I love. not just the smell and the taste (a giant beef steak tomato sliced up and sprinkled with sea salt is a favorite summer side dish) but the shape and color. an orangey/red that I've tried to reproduce with paint.

as soon as they could sit on their own, I much preferred having this high chair at our table than those giant plastic seats with a tray. truthfully, it was a varnished, bland wood for most of the time they used it but as soon as it wasn't needed on a daily basis I painted it up. I've enjoyed having this at our table and has come in handy when little ones visit. it still gets pulled into action now and again when there's a big group around our table and I love that the arms are slightly worn now from little grubby hands. I made a pair of similar chairs for a friend and painted tiny ants marching up the leg and across the seat.

PS  I've got more basil than I can handle so I'm open to all kinds of pesto recipes. let's hear 'em