heads up

I've been suffering from blog / site envy for awhile. it's been a year since I started the girls' guide to web design course and while I'm proud of what I've accomplished, I will admit that I raced to get stuff done and haven't really taken advantage of all the CSS / HTML skills I learned (and have since forgotten.) please accept this as a blanket apology for all the little tweaks and changes that might be here one day (or hour) and not the next - it's a work in progress.

truth: I will direct you to my blog before I send you to my site via the homepage so that's first on my list of things to do. which I can't really fix until I get serious about what I'd like the homepage to do. is it just another nav menu? should I create more pages for each category? what are my categories? I need to clean up my sidebar as well (I've already removed some links/images) and I'm still fidgeting with my footer.

is there anything you'd like to see more of? less of?  oh, and thank you for your patience - check back and see what's new.