hey there october

I know it feels like I fell of the grid - I apologize. I've been immersed in family, back to school, work and some travel which is all good but in that ever-elusive work | life balance, the scales just couldn't hold one more thing so ye ole blog took a back seat. actually everything seagrass studio was put on hold - I haven't been in my studio over 2 weeks and I miss it. I've got ideas swirling and brewing and I'm very conscious of the calendar. I know it's only the very early stages of october but I really missed the boat last year with the holidays. every idea I had didn't come together until the week before christmas and seriously, who wants to buy decorations the week before christmas? my plan this year is to knock out a few things in october and stock the shop, blog some great holiday decorating how-tos in november and actually start and finish card art '12 BEFORE december. ambitious? yes. realistic? I'm not sure but I'm game to try.

don't get me wrong, I like fall and all but the waning sunlight and shorter days are a real killer for me. I think it's easier to ignore all things pumpkin and halloween and focus on the (hopefully) bright days of winter.

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