new to me | new to you?

as I mentioned yesterday, I'm feeling blog envy and I'm pretty sure that it's been fueled by my new blog reading platform. "feedly aggregates content from RSS feeds, Youtube channels, Tumblr blogs and podcasts and organizes into a beautiful magazine-like experience."

as I've been noticing, there's a boatload of genius out there but a limited number of hours in a day to catch up on it all. there are blogs I know that are updated daily and I usually check those early in the day but others are sporadic (I don't judge - so is this little blog) and my 'must read' list grows each week. feedly corrals it all for me and I can easily dive in during the day when I get a chance (or at the rink, at the field, etc...) and catch-up.

it works on my desktop  as an extension (see #1 above - I use chrome) and on my iphone seamlessly. I've tried a host of other readers but nothing compares (for me) to feedly. the UX / UI (user experience/user interface) is super easy and I love that a tiny icon shows up in the lower righthand corner (see #2 above) on any site. I can click it to tweet/facebook/email or add it to my subscriptions and categorize it or even 'save it for later'. and categories? I can make my own and move blogs around with 'drag and drop' ease. there aren't words to explain how much I love 'drag and drop'. and the iphone and ipad apps? gorgeous. a quick swipe to mark it as read, a long swipe to mark a whole category as read.

feedly takes care of my inbox nightmare - I'm not sure about anyone else but I have a thing about flags, unread emails or notifications popping up. (have you read this ifb post about "3 distracting internet habits that kill your productivity"?)  I feel compelled to read or delete or keep up with 'new' notifications but with feedly, when I'm ready to read, it's all waiting there for me. quietly and behind the scenes.

each category shows the number of new/unread blog posts (#3 above) and when I go in to read a post, there are more facebook, twitter and google+ sharing buttons. I can also create my own tags within feedly for future reference. (#4 above) personally, saving tutorials and recipes in evernote works for me and I love that I have that option here as well. (#5 - evernote is a LIFESAVER when standing in the aisle at the craft or grocery store)

one outstanding question I have is how feedly affects or influences google analytics and blog statistics. allison lehman wrote a post awhile back about google reader vs bloglovin and mentions that google reader uses each blog's URL. (bloglovin uses their own) I wonder since feedly is synced with google reader do the stats still count? also - there's no way to comment on the blog posts I'd like to interact with unless I click thru to the original post. not a deal breaker for me I just wish there was a way.

what do you use to corral your feed? anyone understand the stats side of things?