tempis fugit

this was the weekend where my internal calendar caught up with the actual calendar. with the passing of each season, and especially holidays, I find myself feeling a good 3-5 weeks behind. time flies and I'm just not able to keep up. it's a serious problem around christmastime when I race thru the motions and then come february 3 I'm ready to celebrate.

I'm not sure about the rest of you but here in boston, the weather this weekend was outstanding. we enjoyed jack's visit home for his week-long fall break (silliest thing ever but it was good for us) and even got to catch up with friends who were in from chicago visiting for their daughter's hockey tournament. (side note: shawn was lulu's first official coach, way back when she was 10 and together with bob, they coached that team to the girls' u12 illinois state championship) and on sunday I to got catch up with my sister who came in for work. we usually see each other twice a year so this was a treat.

so - this weekend I made the first of many soups, found a new knitting pattern I'm dying to try, and got a head start on a little christmas shopping. I should mention that I am awesome at starting the holiday shopping but without fail I will leave 5 important things to the last minute so finishing is an area that needs work. (this appears to be a personal trend). while I'd love to share some gift giving ideas, I'm a skosh worried that the recipients will see.

how was your weekend? take any good leaf peeping photos?