winner winner chicken dinner (but probably a turkey dinner)


photo by justina blakeney

back in august, I entered justina blakeney's giveaway for a chance to win an r .wood studio ceramics 'baroque' platter. I have several r. wood studio pieces and I love that each piece is truly one of a kind - the colors, the shapes and the handmade feel. this platter was great looking so I jumped at the chance.

I will admit that I forgot about the giveaway. last month I noticed that a source for some new blog traffic came from 'justina blakeney'. I thought it was a mistake. I mean, I could see sending a few clicks her way but someone finding me thru her blog is ridiculous. (PS - justina blakeney is a top 10 pinterest user/influencer. like, she has over 10,000 pins and over 1.2 million followers) just for fun, I clicked the site stat to see where it originated from and it brought me to her post where she announced the winner... ME!

my box arrived a few weeks ago and the folks at r. wood studio sure know how to package up their goods - there was even a special necklace included as a thank you. my photo pales in comparison to justina's styling but know that it is treasured. and teal (or as r. wood studio calls it: ocean) have you heard about my peacock blue/teal obsession going on? anyhoo - it's gorgeous and I've already got big plans for a thanksgiving centerpiece but until then I'll admire it on my mantel.