behind the scenes

I posted this photo Sunday night in Instagram and on my seagrass studio facebook page - our first fire this winter and our as-yet-undecorated, pre-lit tree. Cozy, right? It was a great way to end a fast-paced and cold long weekend. There were lovely comments  and likes which I LOVE but I fear I may have given people the impression that I have my figurative shit in a pile this holiday season.

behold my studio where my shit is literally in a pile (or piles and in boxes) - I am guilty of 'out of sight, out of mind'. That is until I want to use my studio and open the doors to see this and then promptly turn around and walk out. It's on my craftyass TO DO list for the winter vacation when, for the first time in YEARS, I will not be traveling to another state for yet another hockey tournament the day after Christmas. I cannot wait!

I'm just keeping it real and to thank you for all your kind words come back tomorrow for a holiday how to!