so this is my next virtual / educational / ARTrepreneurial adventure and it starts on monday. I can't remember how on earth I found brittany wade / canvas and slate but I'm really glad I did.

I've been wanting to learn how to use illustrator and like photoshop it is one of the least intuitive programs I've come across. I did do an Alt summit class last month but halfway thru the hour-long session I had to jump on a conference call. honestly though, even if I had been able to listen to the whole thing I'm much more of a hands-on learner so I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have mastered it. the Alt class was taught by alma loveland who also teaches it for nicoles classes - I've tried to sign up for that but it's either 'full' or I can't commit to those particular 4 weeks. (I've heard great things about them)

bri emery's blogshop class was a perfect way to learn photoshop - just the basics, 'watch me then try yourself' and a reference book keepsake. this illustrator class sounds like the perfect fit for me. this time of year isn't exactly ideal but I know I can commit to the 10 day class, at my own pace with "video lessons, written lectures, tutorials, design activities and a comprehensive class workbook" and access to everything indefinitely.

I'm looking forward to learning something new, making my own graphics and hopefully, finally sorting out my sidebar. thinking of signing up? click the image above!