field trip


on friday, lulu's varsity field hockey team had a division semi-final game on cape cod so bob and I decided to make a day of it - a field trip if you will. after all the apocalyptic weather we've had recently, it was unbelievably warm and sunny and a welcome change. I'm convinced that our afternoon spent at the beach pulled me out of my hibernation funk - a little vitamin D goes a long way.

I take a photograph of every bridge I drive over (yes, sometimes while I drive) and this trip over the sagamore bridge was no exception - I love the graphic quality of the intersecting lines with the shadows and highlights. I think this bridge shot decided the rest of the day's photographs as black & white. bob and I headed to lunch first and then found our way to harding beach in chatham to enjoy the sand and ocean. I was hoping for a little shell seeking but aside from a few broken horseshoe crab shells there weren't any treasures to be found.

sadly, the girls lost their game but we have enjoyed every game along their route to the state championship and are immensely proud of their hard work and dedication. bob and I enjoyed our field trip and I'm looking forward to thanksgiving when we head back down to the cape for my girls' hockey tournaments. you can count on a few more bridge shots in a couple weeks.