happy friday

sunday is my least favorite day of the year. it's bad enough that it's already started getting darker earlier but after this weekend it'll be even darker. the only upside to this is that it'll be lighter out in the morning. for a little while at least. I'm not sure how people who live in extreme parts of the hemispheres handle this winter business - I can't begin to fathom only 4 hours of daylight in december. (conversely I wouldn't handle the longest day of the year very well either) and don't try to sell me on this whole 'extra hour of sleep' business because you only get one extra hour, not a month of extra hours. I don't even get to sleep in either because lulu has a hockey game 2 hours away in connecticut sunday morning and we have to leave at 7 AM.

the clock pictured above was a high school graduation gift from my late grandmother and I've used it as my alarm clock everyday for the last <gulp> 26 years. that is until it stopped working a couple weeks ago. I'm taking it into the repair shop today - keep your fingers crossed that it can be fixed.