thank you

an unsuspecting rafter of turkeys near my house

This year I'm thankful for my family & friends, for my health & home, and the internet. Seriously.

I've spent the last year or so on the internet enriching my life and I'm forever grateful. The e-courses, the virtual communities, the endless inspiration, the conversations, and the ability to create my own little business and stick it on the web. Oh - and also Peapod so I don't have to wrestle with anyone (mentally or otherwise) while grocery shopping.

This fabulous thing called the internet has made my world a little smaller. It's enabled a group of old friends to check in daily while one of us kicks cancer's ass and has opened virtual doors to meet likeminded new friends. Life's too short to not put yourself out there and this internet makes it all possible. I've found a voice online and I really appreciate each and every listener. Thank you.

Whether you're home or traveling, cooking or buying, hosting or mooching have yourselves a wonderful Thanksgiving.