the girlies

monday: 0 | me: 1

monday and I haven't been getting along these last few weeks except this week, I won. the girls were off from school yesterday for veterans' day and bob was out of town but I still had to head in to work for a bit so we made a day of it. they tooled around harvard square (which is exactly what I did when I was their age) while I got things done in the office. after I finished my meeting, we headed out for lunch.

it was 70 degrees in boston yesterday and I've always wanted to try tory row. it sits on brattle street right in the heart of the square and yesterday the doors were wide open. all the al fresco seats were taken so we took the closest seats we could find for all the people watching. the food was excellent and we loved the atmosphere  - I highly recommend their croque monsieur. all the table tops are honed granite - something I strongly considered when building our house - the patina and markings are gorgeous but in the end I went with a polished patterned stone.

after lunch we headed over to my parents' place in back bay, picked up my mom and walked ourselves down to the MFA to check out the mario testino exhibits, "in your face" and his royal portraits. I had seen the exhibit with my new boston blogger friends smita jacobs and kate ziegler a few weeks ago and I knew my girls would really enjoy seeing it, too.( the show runs until february 3, 2013 - I highly recommend it if you get the chance) the four of us had such a great afternoon together - we took advantage of the gorgeous weather, soaked in some culture and laughed. a lot. so as you can see, monday was really a funday and we won! my girlies are like the flower below: a great combination of lovely and crazy. it's hereditary.

a few things to note about the above photo. 1) I'm wearing my fabulous new teal 'suede' pumps that I finally found after scouring area targets for three weeks. 2) Bob suggested my outfit made me look like Sandy from Grease. I didn't listen and I didn't care 3) this photo was posted without my mother's consent. again, I don't care.