card art with a twist


Have you ever done a collaborative art project before? I've got a little Card Art group project with some college friends - there's eight of us that are giving it a go and I thought I'd keep a little diary about it here. We are to start with a postcard size 'canvas' and make our mark in whichever way we'd like using the very broad theme of 'Friendship'. We then mail to the next person on the list so that they may add their mark to my start. Of the eight of us, a few were art majors (Kristen, Whitney and myself) but most were not. Kristen came up with the idea for this project - she teaches Art History at UNC Charlotte and is a talented artist and lithographer in her own right. I've mentioned my super talented painter friend Whitney before so I'm really excited to see what both of them created.

I wanted my art to represent me but also how I feel about our group. As soon as we agreed on the theme I thought of this old scouting song. I thought about what these particular friends have meant to me over the years as well as how we've reconnected in a totally different way more recently. We graduated over 20 years ago and have sprinkled ourselves around the country (with one in England) and some have married and some haven't. Some have teenagers and others have toddlers. But with all our differences we've each come to rely on our group for heavy doses of laughter, hand holding, bullshit calling, embarrassing photo posting, cheerleading, and more. In my mind, we've been re-stitched together - kind of like a quilt. That quilt idea combined with this scout song is where my inspiration came from.I love circles, pattern, color and fabric so I designed my 'crazy quilt' cards by modifying last year's holiday Cart Art technique on heavy watercolor paper. To add the green that I love so much, I deconstructed a little hand knit/felted bag I made - the added dimension and texture are an unexpected bonus. I chose the gold thread to tie in with the song - a little hokey but very  heartfelt.

I can't wait to see what gets added to these and I'm equally excited to make a similar mark on each of the cards that come my way.