plaid disasters


This started out as a 'Friday's Fancies' post to link up with {av} but I got distracted. This week's theme is 'pretty in plaid' and there's no shortage of great looking tartans out there but when looking for something traditional over at Brooks Brothers I came across their newish line called Black Fleece. (new to me)

In 2007 Brooks Brothers launched Black Fleece; a collection designed to explore a fashion-forward perspective on classic American style. Brooks Brothers enlisted the talents of 2006 CFDA winning designer Thom Browne who, over the past five years and ten collections, has developed Black Fleece into its own unique voice: innovative and modern, yet rooted in the two hundred year history ...

Fashion forward it may be and I appreciate that it's geared towards a younger set but I don't get it. I also don't know many 20-somethings with this kind of cash. If they do have cash, they're in finance and those guys don't dress like clowns. Brooks Brothers is a men's go-to place for classic, tailored clothing and accessories. My father, my husband and the 20-something guys I work with all work it into their closet. It's not entirely unlike J Crew and after the #bostonbloggers holiday meet + greet earlier this week I can confirm that J Crew is relevant to my mother, me, a room full of 20-somethings and my teenage daughters. I think that's saying something when a brand can speak to such a broad spectrum of ages. J Crew does this without an in-your-face, avant guarde departure from their brand.

Plaid is meant to be cheeky and fun but dressing like a clown is completely unnecessary. If you're looking for some fun plaid check out the links over on long distance loving or how about Sarah Vickers and Keil James Patrick and their holiday get-together. I won't go into how their Michael Skakel/Martha Moxley vibe really skeeves me but they look cute