the whitney necklace, a story

the whitney necklaceta DAH! this is the necklace palette I've been playing with for the last few months and I couldn't be happier with the way it turned out. I posted an 'in progress' shot on instagram the other night, talked with my dear friend Jennifer and then the wheels started turning. Six months ago, a small group of us (friends since college) got together online to champion Whitney as she went through her treatment. We couldn't be with her in person each day, or make her family dinner or carpool her daughters - we're spread out around the country (and England) but wanted her to know that we're with her in spirit. We post daily nonsense, check in on how she's feeling, post more nonsense, reminisce about college, dig up old photos and we laugh. A lot. What none of us realized is that as much as we hoped it was helping her, we all took something in return. We each look forward to the banter, the laughs and the friendship. Whitney may have finished treatment but our group isn't finished - we're just getting started.

You might remember back on my birthday the crazy, small world story about how my friend Whitney's former students bought one of my necklaces for her as sign of support and love while she battled cancer. She had pinned it on pinterest and they surprised her with it - it looks stunning. Whitney just finished all her treatments and is starting 2013 with a fresh start. I wanted to honor Whitney and our friendship with something that was light, airy and peaceful. Something that would represent her strength and her positive energy throughout this entire ordeal. This necklace is the light at the end of the tunnel.

the whitney necklace

the whitney necklace

Each dime-sized wooden disc is and hand painted in Pratt & Lambert's Romance Pink/C19 & DecoArt's Champagne Gold. It's accented with brass spacers and rings on a 14k gold-filled chain - it's tremendously elegant and lightweight. I love the way it subtly changes colors to highlight what you're wearing - it's neither too pink or too gold.

Here's the kicker - when you purchase this necklace, I'll donate 20% of the purchase price to the American Cancer Society - in your name or in honor of a loved one or even in Whitney's name. I like to think of this as your 'gift with purchase'!

I hope that I can give back a fraction of what Whitney's friendship has meant to me, and our group, through the sale of this necklace. Head over to the shop and check it out - I've got one in stock and if ordered by Thursday, December 20 I can guarantee you'll receive it by Christmas (if shipped in the Continental US). I'll have more listed in the shop by week's end but cannot promise you'll receive it in time. the whitney necklace