fortune cookie wisdom

everyone poopsDear Incredible Angry Man - The signage and wording are very clear. "Registry of Motor Vehicles" is clearly marked in multiple locations. It does not read "Air Your Grievances" and your preview while waiting in line this Monday morning was more than I could handle.

You single handedly made an entire line of registered (or soon to be licensed) drivers incredibly uncomfortable with your arrogance, idiocy and hatred. In our 40 minute wait time, speaking loudly to no one in particular, you were able to cover your vehement distaste for the government, immigration/deportation, women in the military and numerous other small-minded, ill informed 'facts' and you were prompted only by the people standing near you.

I'd like to thank the two gentlemen who attempted to diffuse your stream of hate slinging even though it only fueled your fire. I quietly asked my 16 year old daughter if she would rather wait in the car instead of standing next to you but she was just as concerned about my safety and stayed.

I cannot begin to imagine how you've struggled in your lifetime that you ended up a bile-filled, bent over man but you are the definition of 'karma's only a bitch if you are' and 'you get what you give'.


- the mother of a daughter you'd be lucky to have serve this country to defend your ass even though I'd really like to have her kick your ass.

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