happy friday

week 2 I'm not going to lie - week two of 2013 has been pretty tough. I'm going to chalk it up to everyone all amped up on New Year's resolution testosterone and getting it done and I'm just not there... yet. I'm planning to regroup this weekend, get some rest and come out swinging on Monday.

Above is the image I'm submitting for week 2 of  Project MMXXIII - I stopped on an on-ramp to a highway (I checked for traffic) and took this shot. I had just come from the camera hospital (where they told me my DSLR was fine. I disagreed and sent it off to Canon for a second opinion.) and wished that I'd had my good camera. The sun was reflecting off the city of Boston and everything was orange, yellow and silvery blue. Because I used my iPhone the photo is kind of squidgy  but I think it works. Below includes the skyline.

Boston skyline