more branding homework

  branding-board-startMy homework is Pinterest. No seriously - I'm trying to find images that represent my three brand words and I've been scouring magazines and Pinterest and in the process I came across this great post by Ashlee Proffitt about discovering yourself and how 'great branding begins with you'. She talks about downside of pulling inspiration from a successful business/brand/person because you admire her and/or her work. It sounds logical and I will admit to modeling some of my efforts in an attempt to make the road a little easier. But in reality, it's a time suck because her story has nothing to do with my story and I need to give myself some credit. I'm pretty awesome (you are, too) and I should put 100% elizabeth into seagrass studio instead of 75% elizabeth and 25% already successful people. Right?

Anyway - Ashlee's exercise is to pull not just three images but an entire Pinterest board of images that describe my style, my ideal client, (my three) branding words and things that make me happy. Having them all in one place helps and keeping things cohesive and on point. Another important task is to include the words that come to mind and what I love about it - something I rarely do. I tend to like my pins to speak for themselves but in creating this board, I've been so much more thoughtful about which images make the cut/why and the words are very helpful.

Above is a screen shot of the start of my Branding board. What about you? Do you have a special Pinterest board that you reserve for your own personal brand? Are you all about the description or do your pictures do all the talking?