my ideal client

  ideal-clientShe's not necessarily of a certain age. She has a great sense of personal style - not too trendy but mixes current pieces with vintage with ease and exudes elegance wearing jeans and a tshirt She's comfortable in her own skin and she's smart - both clever and bright. She likes to travel, loves to read and is always willing to learn new tricks. Most of all, she's confident.

The women above are just a few who embody my 'ideal client'. I don't know any of them personally but I think they've got great personal style. I think they exude confidence and convincingly slip into various characters. Amanda Genther has a great exercise to help you find and focus on your ideal client. It's part of her 3 Steps to Brand Clarity - sign up for her newsletter here to get the free ebook.

I will admit that I can't accurately give credit for each photo but they're on my pinterest branding board as a start and I'll keep trying to find sources.