project MMXXIII

winter-whiteWell this happened faster than I thought it would - I've joined my first virtual community of 2013. I've decided to join Tristan of Besotted Blog on her quest to take/edit one photo every week. Doesn't matter if it's new or old, shot with an iPhone or a snazzy DSLR it only matters that you do it. A theme is suggested but by no means required. I know Tristan is working with 'nature' but a more creative and not too literal sense of the word - "abstract images in nature". My friend Claire is in and she's decided that for her, a theme for each quarter would keep it more interesting and flexible - this quarter is 'architecture'. Despite my nearly all-white photo above, my theme will be 'color' - something near and dear to me. 52 photos seems so much more reasonable than 365 and since I have my DSLR all ready to drop off today at the camera hospital I'm really hoping that I move beyond my iPhone. In the past I've tried to be spontaneous and experimental but ultimately shooting, and editing, only what I would want to hang on my walls. I think if I aim for submitting my photo to the group on flickr by Sunday evening it'll be easier to stay on track. 

Are you interested? It doesn't matter if you're new or experienced, professional or amateur - my experience with Tristan's groups has always been very supportive, constructive and encouraging and you never know - you could meet more people in your tribe like I did. Click here and join us!