behind the scenes

new-profile-necklace Most of my designs start in my head. After they brew for awhile, I like to sketch them out - sometimes with pen and paper but sometimes it helps to 'sketch' them digitally. Like a blueprint.

I spotted this Oscar de la Renta bib necklace and I'd like to reinterpret it using my hand painted wooden discs. Instead of using the discs that are drilled through the sides, I would need to use 'blank' discs and drill them from front to back at the top. I'm thinking I'd paint them in solid colors instead of the two-tone pairings I've done before. I think I'd need to use spacer beads to create more movement and the overall effect would be a striped pattern.

I'm not sure how the discs would lie and I'm pretty sure it wouldn't resemble the 'sketch' above but instead the discs would fall in a domino-like stack with one predominate bead resting on top. Not bad but not what I see in my head. That's the frustrating part about translating my ideas to the materials I have access to and I've not seen wooden sticks. Even if I had the ideal wooden sticks, they'd be nearly impossible to paint and dry without creating an enormous mess.

I'm not abandoning this just yet and I'll let you know how it works out.