mark johns making thingsMy fellow #bostonblogger Kelly McAuley wrote a post in January about her Great Craft Up of 2013 idea. That is - instead of buying any new craft / art supplies this year (for the whole year) she would instead use up her stash. Her one out is if she needs to buy supplies for her Toyidermy business then this rule doesn't apply.

'It’s a roll of washi tape here and half a skein of yarn there. Forgotten projects, lost projects, or just projects that didn’t go quite as planned. Aside from spending a $20 craft store gift card I received as a present I will not purchase any more “for fun” craft supplies in 2013 unless, and only at which time, all “for fun” craft supplies have been depleted.'

I'm in. Aside from potentially needing to replenish jewelry findings for my necklaces I've got enough supplies to open 3 etsy shops of various themes. I have wool felt sheets, wool roving, yarn, embroidery floss and FABRIC. (So much fabric I should've been a quilter but that's a precise art and precision isn't my thing). I have wooden frames, mirrors, candlesticks, boxes, plates and trays on top of my bracelets and beads. I have cardstock, paper, stamps, stickers, inks and pens. See? I told you I could start 3 shops.

I always thought this hoarding tendency came from a need to make things with my hands but if I'm being honest, I think it comes from my need to make things with my mind. I have no shortage of ideas, just a lack of expertise / time / commitment. This #craftup2013 idea is just what I need to put the kabosh on careless spending and really focus on making some of these ideas come to life. If by the end of 2013 I haven't successfully used up my supplies I'll have a hard talk with myself. Which supplies didn't I use and why? If I can honestly say I tried and 'failed' then I'll donate the balance of those materials. This 'jack of all trades, master of none' thing is getting old.

Anyone else up for the challenge? I'd love to see them - post yours on instagram or twitter with the #craftup2013 tag and then tag me (@seagrassstudio on both) so I can check them out. I'll show you my first project in tomorrow's post!

image via. you should definitely check out Marc John's blog