#craftup2013 - project 1

lulu's artFirst up was a giant 36" x 48" canvas I picked up 8 years ago. It's been in my basement (and moved from IL) so it's warped with some adhesive bits stuck to the surface but otherwise in great shape. I'm in the process of 'finishing' my girls' rooms and this canvas will make a huge statement in Lulu's room. I used up my gloppy teal, green and turquoise acrylic paints - just needed to add a little water to loosen them up - and did my best abstract/impressionist/kindergarten painting. Actually, I used a considerable amount of water on this canvas. Not only to thin the paint but to move it around and layer the hues without mixing them.  



I like the finished product but I'm thinking it needs something to brighten it up so I have two options (since I can't buy any new supplies) - I can use my Deco Art gold acrylic paint or some of my gold leafing. Using paint with a brush is a little more controlled but the gold leaf is a little more 'organic'. I'll post a picture of the finished finished painting hanging in Lulu's room as soon as I get my act together.

Let's see what you've got going on - #craftup2013