discovering my voice

Has anyone out there read Abby Kerr of the Voice Bureau? Someone in my Girls' Guide to Web Design group posted a link to Abby's site after another member asked about finding a copywriter. Needless to say I clicked through and I've since spent a considerable amount of time reading her various posts on finding my 'right person' (or the person most likely to buy from me) as well as some other gems on being a 'microbusiness owner'.

Abby's "Discover Your Voice Values" - a brand voice self-assessment - is one of the more interesting exercises I've completed in this whole ARTrepreneur process. It's pretty simple really - answer 48 questions, do a little math and then follow the directions to score your values. The theory is that the higher the score, the more this Core Value truly matters to me and probably shows up naturally in my communication style. I was blown away by the results and I love that Abby gives actionable advice on how I can use my top five values to really interact with my ideal clients.

My top five values:

CLARITY - precision / illumination / facilitate understanding. "shine a light on the truth and the essence of things."

PLAYFULNESS - fun / enjoyment / ease / accessibility. "let joy rise to the surface of all your brand’s interactions"

POWER - guidelines / systems / establishment. "reflect back to them their own well-developed sense of personal power"

ENTHUSIASM - curiosity / creativity / exploration. "allow them to self-express and show their creativity"

DEPTH - truth / substance / study. "your people are most likely lifelong learners"

It's interesting to look at these five values and how closely they resemble me AND my ideal client that I came up with a few weeks back -

She’s not necessarily of a certain age. She has a great sense of personal style – not too trendy but mixes current pieces with vintage with ease and exudes elegance wearing jeans and a tshirt She’s comfortable in her own skin and she’s smart – both clever and bright. She likes to travel, loves to read and is always willing to learn new tricks. Most of all, she’s confident.

If you take the test, I'd love to know your results.

UPDATE: If you can't get thru to the quiz with the link above, try going thru this post by Abby and it'll start the process.