happy friday (but it's really monday)

wk 4 MMXXIIIMy submission for week 4 of Project MMXXIII is this shot taken in Marshfield, MA in their little center near the beach. It was freezing but such an unbelievably clear day on Saturday and this 'comfort station' (aka the public restrooms/bath house) caught my eye. So much so I circled back around, parked, got out of my car and crossed the street to get this. I usually try to get shots from the comfort of my heated seat but I knew I'd regret it if I didn't get off my butt. My family's pretty good about accommodating my detours/stops and waiting patiently-ish while I take a photo or eight. This time, I was all by myself and had no excuses. I caught up on a few posts this weekend that I had started over the last few weeks but held off hitting 'publish' because I didn't have time to edit the photo or link to the right sources. Pardon my back-dating but I'd like to keep them in the order they were started/intended so feel free to sift thru the archive under 'January' and enjoy.