out on a school night with erin gates


he-said she saidLast night was pretty great. I got to meet up with my friend Kate again, I got to check out twelve chairs in the Fort Point area of Boston and  lastly, I got to hear Andrew and Erin Gates share their point of view on selling in a 'he said / she said' format. An all around great evening capped off by my quick hello and thank you with Erin herself. It was interesting to be among such a diverse and creative group of women and I really appreciated the honest advice. Andrew is a guy who actually enjoys selling for a living and Erin is an interior designer who unknowingly sells herself really well. In addition to talking about their individual approaches, they added commentary on why the other is successful. A really refreshing conversation from two people who clearly love and respect each other. A few big take aways for me were:

  • selling isn't just about confidence/belief in my product, but that the right customer will actually need my necklace. It's up to me to help them see that need by leading them down that path.
  • Andrew suggested that a good salesperson is an expert because of the strong belief in the product and that by standing out or taking risk usually leads to success.
  • Erin made a great point that there is no distinction between her blog and her 'product' - they are both key to her brand and they are one in the same.

There were more service-based (graphic design, interior design, photography, etc) questions than those pertaining to products but Andrew was really adept at making sure to include any number of scenarios in his answers about when to ask, when to circle back, and how to keep the conversation going.

twelve-chairsI'm really looking forward to future Design Salon Boston events and I'm anxious to go back to twelve chairs - their online store has most of the same offerings but the space itself is pretty great. I'm also thoroughly enjoying Erin's home renovation project on her blog and can't wait to see their finished kitchen. Thank you to Kate for snapping this fan girl shot. When I tweeted my post yesterday about looking forward to the event, Erin replied with a 'please introduce yourself! see you later!' and remembered me/my necklace which I loved. Thank you.erin gate and the erin necklace