the erin necklace, a story

erin-necklaceTa DAH! Last September I posted about a necklace in progress and I can't remember if I ever showed you the finished product - I've named it 'erin' (you'll see why...) I love it and honestly, I haven't listed it in the shop because I don't want to part with it. It's been in constant rotation all fall and winter and I'm really looking forward to wearing it this spring and summer. I promise to get another made up and will let you know as soon as it's listed. I'm wearing it today because I'm headed to my first Design Salon Boston event over at Twelve Chairs tonight to hear Erin Gates and her husband, Andrew, talk about the art/business of selling. I'm really hoping to get a chance to introduce myself to Erin and thank her for the inspiration for this piece. You see, Erin and her business partner, Marie Whitney, started a company last year called Two Penny Blue and I saw a 'behind the scenes' photo of shoes (below) for their Spring 2012 look book.

two-penny-blue-shoesI'm on the fence if I'll wear it alone or with my sarah necklace - the one I painted for Alt NYC last summer. The colors are in the same family and I think it's really interesting to see the two pieces layered together. I'll report back tomorrow to let you know how it goes and if I get the chance to say thank you.  erin-and-sarah necklaces